Felicia Stallard, Louisiana resident and successful business woman, has dedicated much of her time and efforts caring for those in need. Whether providing resources, organizing various charitable endeavors, or joining the board of a grass-roots disaster relief organizations like Pratt City, Alabama, Haiti, and in LaPlace, LA- her passion has always been to help those in need. Her devotion to care for others was shared by her oldest son Whitney, who at 21, traveled to Haitian orphanage in an effort to revitalize it.  Tragically, as he was planning his return trip, he suddenly died. It was through Felicia's personal struggle with the loss of her son, and a desire to continue his legacy to help young people in need, that drove her to create The COOL Cooperative. To read Whitney’s story click here for our blog.
Felicia found that the greatest solace for her sorrow, comes from doing for others and so she focused her efforts on helping kids in need in her home state. She recognized that the film industry, which continues to grow in Louisiana, offers a  different vocations and professions where young people could find their interest, learn a craft, and receive hands-on inspired training and opportunities to go onto higher learning and into careers in the film industry. Through the COOL Creators after-school enrichment program "at-promise" seventh through twelfth graders are given the tools, support, guidance, and training to lead successful lives positively impact their peers and communities. And so, in the name of her son Whitney's memory, with the support of her loving family and friends, she has dedicated the COOL Cooperative to his life, and loss. At the beginning of 2014, her team formalized the charity with the program's inaugural class set to begin in the fall.



Dana Howard Toups Jr. 

Dana Toups is Louisiana native and former Tulane Football player. He is the former owner of Indigo Wine and Sushi in Blue Mountain Beach, Fl. He has had over a decade in both the hospitality and outside sales industries. Currently Dana is a Senior Mortgage Loan Originator for Nations Reliable Lending LLC., which he does in addition to his acting, producing, and support for The Cool Cooperative as one of its Co- Founders.
Dana Co-Produced, acted in, and catered, among other functions, on the “Love Me True” production. He has also recently played opposite Will Farrell and Kevin Hart in “Get Hard”.
In addition to building his mortgage loan practice Dana looks forward to “Love Me True” being successfully distributed and the expansion of The Cool Cooperatives program into additional schools in the fall of 2016.

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