Willie Murray is the managing partner of the Murray Firm, in New Orleans LA. The Murray Firm is

a branding and marketing company that partners with local and world renowned musicians and producers to bring their individual goals and aspirations to fruition and help develop New Orleans’ unique and rich music

industry. A musician himself, Mr. Murray has helped numerous New Orleans based music artists develop successful brands that expand beyond just their musical talent.

Mr. Murray also works with Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation, as Customer and Community Relations Manager. In this position, Mr. Murray partners with Homeowner Services and Construction staff, to ensure customer satisfaction and strong community relations. Mr. Murray is also in charge of land acquisitions for the organization. Prior to his work with Make It Right, Mr. Murray was a director with a real estate development firm in Raleigh, NC, where he successfully coordinated several philanthropic initiatives, including $1.5 M in relief for the nation of Haiti.

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