Louisiana Motion Picture Tax Credit Program: Career Based Learning & Training

What is the law?

“As a condition of receiving tax credits pursuant to this Section, state-certified productions shall be required to participate in a career-based learning and training program approved by the office.” -  §6007. Motion picture production tax credit*

The COOL Cooperative (COOL) can fulfill the workforce development requirement for productions so they can receive Louisiana Motion Picture tax credits.

Who are we?

The COOL Cooperative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit after school and Summer program that provides hands on film industry standard curriculum, training, and workforce development to COOL Creators (teens) in the New Orleans area.

Why choose COOL?

We make the whole process quick and easy & have experience certifying productions (ask for prior
productions we have certified).
We produce our own youtube channel, COOLfeed, and promote the films we work with:

What does a production have to do to fulfill this requirement?
Fulfill either A or B from this list:

A. Financial donation to our vocational training program at .25% of the production’s budget.
B. A combination of the following activities:
  1. Set visit for students and their instructors ($500 - $1000 average cost).
  2. Classroom visit – have various dept. heads visit our classroom and give instruction.
  3. Film equipment donation – lighting, grip, expendable, camera, etc.
  4. In kind facility and/or equipment rental for COOL film projects.
  5. Financial donation to our vocational program less than the .25 amount.
  6. Donate passenger van or bus.

How to get started?

Contact our Executive Director, John Swider, at 202-903- 4133, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

§6007. Motion picture production tax credit (Link to law)

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