At 60 years of age, Terry McNeal is a colorful character and multi-talented entrepreneur. Recently, Terry played the role of an animated and passionate talent agent in a feature film titled “Love Me True” that is currently in post-production. For him, this was art imitating life since he is a principal at the Del Corral Talent Agency, one of the oldest agencies in Louisiana, which he bought in 2011. In the four years he’s owned the agency, the stories he can tell about the strange and outrageous behaviors of talent are quite amusing.

Over the last 16 years, Terry has also entertained and motivated individuals each week at NOAC Health Club in New Orleans. People attend his classes not only for the fitness benefits, but for the inspirational aspects he incorporates into the training sessions. He is ranked as one of the top Spinning Instructors in the area with a local and national following.

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