Dr. Paul J. Voss is President of Ethikos and an Associate Professor at Georgia State University. Ethikos provides companies looking to improve their bottom lines and corporate cultures with leadership training, employee engagement programs, and seminars and webinars on a myriad of topics. A gifted public speaker and award-winning teacher, Dr. Voss teaches courses on Shakespeare, Dante, Machiavelli, Business Ethics, Renaissance Literature, and the History of the Book. He publishes on a wide variety of topics (for both academic audiences and for the popular press) and regularly appears on television and radio programs.
His work on business ethics, sustainable development, and corporate stewardship builds on 2500 years of intellectual history. His dynamic seminars, coupled with a compelling and thought-provoking curriculum, receive among the highest evaluations in the industry. His clients include the FBI Labs, General Electric Energy, ASCLD, British Petroleum, the Home Depot, PotashCorp, the Federal Railroad Administration, Carlson School of Management, Georgia Institute of Technology, Fairmount Minerals, Galls Uniforms, and many others. He is currently completing his next book, Loved or Feared: Paradigm Shifts and the Rejection of Machiavelli. Professor Voss, his wife Mary, and their five children live in suburban Atlanta.

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