You can directly support our efforts by providing the students items from the list below. Please note that we listed name brand items for pricing reasons only. We say yes to all film gear!!

  • Handycam: ZOOM Q4 Handycams - $299
  • Pro Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III DLSR - $2,499
  • 24 mm Lens - $149
  • 50 mm Lens - $349
  • 85mm f/1.8  Lens - $369
  • Memory Card 64 GB - $29
  • Audio: Zoom Zoom H4N and Accesory Kit - $220
  • Lights: FotodioX Pro FLED Edge Light C-200L - $200
  • Camera Rig with viewfinder: IndiPRO Tools - $170
  • Laptops: Refurbished 13.3 MacBook Pro 2.7Ghz - $1,100
  • Editing Software: Premier - $462
  • Script writing software: Final Draft - $525
  • Hard Drive: LacCie 2TB 9220 Hard Drive - $120
  • Projector: Optoma TechHome Theatre Projector - $600                                              
If you have any specialty items or any other film related gear you would like to see put to good use by our students, we would be very grateful! If you have any questions or ideas for the kids please don't hesitate to call us (we're super friendly too)!

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