Lance, a professional actor and acting coach, has enjoyed a vibrant career that has spanned over 30 years. He's best known for his roles in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Treme, Desperate Housewives,and House of Cards. Lance also starred in COOL's award winning short "Black and Blue"
Zardis, a classically trained singer, also discovered her love for R&B in her early years. During her expansive career, she teamed with Herb Mickman, former music director for such artists as Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday. Zardis was voted as one of L.A.’s top ten female jazz vocalist by The Amassi Center.
Darryl is a judge for the Orleans Parish Criminal Court in Orleans Parish, LA. He was elected to this position on November 5, 2002 and was re-elected in 2008 and 2014.
Bradley Greer is an award winning content producer and post-production specialist. His 23 year career spanning multiple disciplines from production through post has granted him a holistic perspective of making movies.
Dr. Paul J. Voss is President of Ethikos and an Associate Professor at Georgia State University. Ethikos provides companies looking to improve their bottom lines...
Karen, owner of both Red Bean Realty and New Orleans Louisiana Property Management, is very involved with shaping the Downtown community where she lives.
A documentarian, with experience overseeing every element of her productions at Southen Belle Productions, Maniko began her career as a journalist.
Trey is a film consultant with a background in theater and film as both an actor and producer in Boston and New York. In 2008, he returned to his home of New Orleans to build a production complex.
John Henry is an American film and television actor. Originally from Beaumont, Texas he has lived and worked in Houston, Texas as a Pediatric Nurse specializing in Neonatology and in the Pediatric ER at Texas Children's Hospital.
At 60 years of age, Terry McNeal is a colorful character and multi-talented entrepreneur. Recently, Terry played the role of an animated and passionate talent agent in a feature film titled “Love Me True".
Willie Murray is the managing partner of the Murray Firm, in New Orleans LA. The Murray Firm is a branding and marketing company that partners with local and world renowned musicians and producers.
Ron Nelson is the Co-CEO and President of Our TV Group, the only minority owned media company in Louisiana. Boasting six TV channels - each with three networks per station, two radio stations, online channels and apps Our TV Group is expanding and bringing innovative programming to Louisiana and Alabama.
Nancy Tilton Hand is an author, speaker, coach, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming trainer. She has been training attorneys, mediators, and professionals in the essential skills of information management, communication, and negotiation since 2006.
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